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Two Chix Flix is the parent company to a variety of entertainment brands.  Movies, lifestyle, music, literature, screenwriting--these two incredible ladies do it all!  Check out below or click the links to view the latest projects. 


Not your Mama's 50

Journey with us as we live our 50's out loud. Remember, this is NOT your mama's fifty!
Action, adventure, drama, romance... diverse stories for readers of all ages. 

Flipping the Script - Tambi Andrews's world is rocked when she is kicked out of a home she shares with her boyfriend, Richard. Richard wants to make room for another woman whom he feels is more progressive than Tambi. Tambi slowly tries to put the pieces of her broken life back together, and catches the eye of Mark Broussard, a strikingly handsome billionaire. As Richard's life begins to crumble and Tambi's flourishes, he desperately tries to win her back. Richard is particularly resentful that Tambi is dating out of her race. When Richard's efforts to gain her affections prove fruitless, he becomes dangerously obsessed Tambi.

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Sparky - A story about friendship, acceptance, and unconditional love.

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Mocha honey Studios

Specializing in photography, graphic design, speech writing, literature, and lyrics

It's Friday night, another lonely night for Camille Matthews as she finds herself stood up by the love of her life yet again. But this Friday night will prove quite different. Tonight Camille comes face-to-face with the demons that taunt her soul, leaving her fearful and stagnant. This Friday night Camille takes the reader on a journey through her mind where she contemplates family, friends, love and Eric, the five-year boyfriend who's just not cutting it anymore.

Lonely Night is the first book in the three-part women empowerment series.


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Physician, Screenwriter, Producer, Novelist, Filmmaker, Creative Content



Educator, Playwright, Director, Novelist, Producer, Creative Content


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